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The Tour de Hajj - Sacrifice In Allah's Name

It's Eid-al-Adha, so it's hardly unusual that we’ve found ourselves contemplating our own sacrifices and achievements of the year so far.

It’s during times like this – where emotions are heightened, and you’re feeling truly grateful for those around you – that videos like the one below get you; they get you right in them feels.

The Messenger of Allah said: "Al-Fitr is the day that the people break the fast, and Al-Adha is the day that the people sacrifice." Tirmidhi

You may have heard about this group of Muslim men, hailing from Slough and Blackburn in England, who’d been quietly undertaking a huge challenge – cycling over 4,000 miles to complete their Hajj. Earlier this week, their mission culminated in the emotional moment you see above.

Consider that these Muslims, off their own back and by their own means, have been slowly and surely going about cycling more than 75 miles a day for almost two months, to be so kindly welcomed upon their arrival. They’ve asked for no fanfare, simply that people support their journey with donations to the Penny Appeal charity.

These men made an honourable Hajj, one which we can all take lessons from. Sacrifices in the name of Allah made by you also affect others around you and can bring virtue to them too – for instance, the families of these men who too were sacrificing their time with their loved one, sending prayers, or their employers who sacrificed the workload amongst their other employees.

Eid al-Adha was borne from the sacrifice that the Prophet Ibrahim was going to make, but through proving his faith didn’t have to. We can use these men, on their ‘Tour de Hajj’, as inspiration as to what sacrificing for the sake of Allah means; we can learn from them about good deeds, about declaring their faith, sacrificing their time and completing their Hajj for a good greater than their own.

The Messenger of Allah said: “Every road of Makkah is a thoroughfare and a place of sacrifice.” ibn Majah

This Eid, spend real time and effort on everything you do – time with loved ones, the conversations you have, listening to their problems or successes, opening up to them about your life. Don’t rush; enjoy the moment and know that everything works out as it should. Make the effort to see those you maybe haven’t for a while. Reflect on the things in your life which you have to be thankful for. To simply spend time shouldn’t be a sacrifice, but can often be considered so; in today’s fast moving world, truly take a step back this year.

If you’re giving gifts, give thoughtfully. Give something to simply bring a smile to your loved one’s face, or give them something they need, can use, something that’s going to make their life more simple or enjoyable. Give for the sake of Allah.

Look at us, getting all deep and emotional over here. Happy Eid from all of us at MBCO and for those completing their Hajj this season, may Allah watch over you and grant you the spiritual virtues as rightly promised and earned.        

Follow the Tour de Hajj on Facebook here to learn more about their journey.

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