2 Simple Steps to Buying Muslim Gifts & Islamic Gifts

Gift giving is something we do to show the ones we love exactly that. But, there’s a lot to think about. Particularly when it comes to Islamic gifts, it’s important to consider all angles before investing; after all, they tend to differ from others, largely when it comes to the depth of thought required.

Why? Whether you’re religious yourself or buying a gift for someone who is, you need to ensure that the item you’re giving adheres to the beliefs, morals and teachings of Islam. Here’s how.

Islamic gifts: check the permissibility

Permissible (the opposite to Haraam) means that something adheres to Islamic law. Thankfully, these days it’s easier than ever to track products back to their source; it might take time, but it’s important to do in order to determine the permissibility of either the gift itself or the items used in creating it. For instance, if the item you’re considering contains any animal products (such as leather for instance), it’s pertinent to ensure that any materials used are halal. Another common example of this is when it comes to buying chocolates! Such a simple gift, but one which could easily fall into the Haraam category; for instance, unbeknownst to the buyer, they often contain alcohol. Ask the right questions, contact the businesses involved and don’t be afraid to request proof – it’s something they should be able to provide by tracing their own supply chain.   

Muslim gifts may take a little longer to purchase for this reason, but there’s an easy way to save time! Look for suppliers who proudly advertise the permissibility of their products; whose brands have been built on exactly this. Search out businesses whose aim is to make giving thoughtful, Islamic gifts easy. Like MBCO, for instance – one of the UK’s leading providers of premium, sustainably sourced, halal gifts. With companies like Muslim Box, you can be sure that everything is permissible from the get-go – meaning more time to spend picking the perfect item for the one you love.

Islamic gifts: consider the Hadith

The Hadith is made up of traditions, quotes and accounts of the Prophet’s ﷺ daily practice; what could better help guide you to buying the perfect Muslim gifts?

Use the Hadith as your guide for either inspiration – ideas based on what Allah’s Messenger ﷺ would have enjoyed, endorsed and approved of – or simply find meaning in his teachings and build those links between what you’re giving and how your loved one will interpret it. What will it mean to them, beyond value and occasion?

MBCO’s flagship product, the renowned Sunnah Box, does exactly this; each item inside this stunning gift box has been carefully curated with unique Hadiths in mind, which demonstrate meaning in each product. Considering the Hadith throughout your buying process will ensure that your intentions are right, and that you can feel confident that it appeals to the morals and beliefs of your loved one.

Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) said: "Give gifts to one another, for giving gifts gently extracts resentment and ill-will." (Anas)

With these two tips in mind, you’ll have no problem in finding beautiful, meaningful Islamic gifts for the Muslim in your life. Trust us – we have the reviews to prove it! Check out our blog for more tips for gift-giving and stunning gift ideas, and shop now at muslimbox.co for the best Muslim gifts for every occasion.

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