Making the most of your last ten nights of Ramadan

Laylatul Qadr - the one night of the year better than a thousand months, a night to dedicate to quality worship and subsequently reap the rewards of devoting yourself its important to make the most of these last blessed days. Thought to offer the most imperative opportunity for worship during the outright best month of the year, here are our thoughts here at MBCO. on how to get the best out of the ten days preceding the famed Night of Decree:

Spend time at masjid

Its a given for sure, but we all have commitments be it to family, work or otherwise which sometimes mean we dont get to spend as much time at the mosque as wed like. Make it a priority during the final ten days of Ramadan to maximise your hours spent at the masjid; this allows for the most pure and focused worship.

Recite the Quran and worship

On this very night, the Quran is said to have been revealed to the Prophet ; in the days and nights preceding Laylatul Qadr, recite from the Book of Allah and give worship make profound dua, for goodness, for mercy and for forgiveness not just for yourself or your loved ones, but for those less fortunate too.


Whilst we should all reflect year-round, take the time during this period to really focus your energies inwards as well as outwards your achievements, your charity, your growth this year. Reflect on where you began and where you are now, and use this time to appreciate the positives and admit to the negatives. If there was ever a time to worship and ask for mercy, forgiveness or guidance from Allah, this is it.

Plan for the year ahead

On the flip side, its important to look ahead think about your intentions and goals for the coming months, spend time visualising and praying on this during the final ten days of Ramadan.


Keeping in line with tradition, this is an important time to commit to charity whether helping those less fortunate, the poor or the sick, or simply procuring thoughtful gifts to show those you love that you appreciate them, during this time youre open to more reward for your charity; give selflessly and demonstrate altruism throughout the lead up to the Night of Power.

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