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Last Minute Gift Ideas

It’s 2 o clock; you’ve just gotten back to your desk after a somewhat rushed half-hour lunch. You hang up your coat, take a sip of coffee, sink into the uncomfy office chair…

And then you realise what today’s date is.

And what tomorrow’s is going to be.

We’ve all been there; the sudden realisation that you’ve forgotten a special occasion, are entirely without a gift, and – worse yet – there’s no way you can make it to the shops this evening. How do you find the perfect gift in such a short space of time?!

Well, here are some of our DIY, last-minute gift ideas which might just get you out of a tight spot one day:

Make a card – from scratch

It might not seem like much but, needs must. When all else fails, actually using your own two hands to craft something special at least shows that you’ve put some effort in to this – it may not be a gift, as such, but it’s sure to hit those feels right where you want them. Aww.

Get cooking

Or baking, barbecuing, creating – however you go about it, you know what your other half/good friend/mother/father likes, and can save this yet by going all-out on a delicious, thoughtful, home cooked meal… Or, better yet, a charmingly amateur birthday cake – which is just chock-full of love. Halal ingredients are available at the supermarket, and the supermarket is open all night – get yourself down there and get inspired.

Get out of here

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with gifting someone an experience rather than a physical present – just ask our friends over at Halal Travel Escapes. It’s widely known that the happiness a person feels from travelling increases over time… Plus, it’s not as if they’re going to want to go alone, is it? Everyone wins, yourself included – so, where do you want to go?

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Don’t stress. We’ve got you.

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