Our Story

Our Story

"The Prophet ﷺ would accept gifts and he would give something in return."

Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1953

Founded with a vision, a few hundred pounds and love for the Prophet , Muslim Box Company was launched to the public in June 2015 and has revolutionised the Muslim gifting landscape.

As a young man and recently converted Muslim, Vafa spent a lot of time reflecting on the Sunnah of the Prophet ; the perfect example for mankind; the importance he placed on appearance, personal care and hygiene. Deliberating the Hadith and how to incorporate this into his own life; the values it teaches, how to give with humility, and moreover why we should do so.

Fast-forward a number of years; after one gift-less and harried journey to a wedding and the subsequent realisation that no gift would portray the gratitude and friendship felt, Vafa was struck by the gaping hole in a marketplace for which there is such a strong demand; high quality, meaningful gifts for Muslims.

Anas said to his son, Thabit, "My son, exchange gifts, it will bring about love between you."

Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 595

Equipped with limited resources and a strong passion for sunnah products, the first Sunnah Box was sourced, hand-crafted and assembled in a small flat in Brighton – a premium grooming gift box containing all the tools necessary to honour the Prophet : black seed oil – a vital component in the Prophet’s teachings for health; miswaaks, a traditional cleaning tool used for over seven thousand years; fragrance oil, on which Umar emphasised a third of one's wealth can be spent without falling into extravagance and beard oil, a trending grooming product which complemented the Sunnah Box and fell in line with the sunnah.

After launching into the UK market, with little exposure and few followers, the first hand-made Sunnah Boxes quickly began to gain traction. A truly unique and authentic solution to the age-old question of what to buy your husband, father, brother or otherwise for a special occasion: a meaningful, personal gift of high quality. A gift you’d be proud to give and thrilled to receive.

Invariably, charity is a part and parcel of life as a Muslim; but where’s the good in giving just for the sake of it? Vafa wanted to build something which encompassed the Hadith’s teachings on charity and gifting, whilst giving the Muslim community the ability to trust their sustainable and halal products. Mostly, he wanted to solve a very human problem which we all face, at one time or another:

What to buy for the ones who matter, to show them exactly that.


It’s been a whirlwind since. We’ve spent years of research and investment in ensuring our products adhere to the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah. Our Sunnah Box has brought a smile to the faces of countless people around the world with thousands of units gifted. We’ve exhibited at events and received 5 star feedback from hundreds of happy customers from around the world, who have been resting easy in the knowledge that all our gifts are permissible, halal and sustainably sourced. Day in, day out, we work tirelessly to provide you with gift ideas which truly have worth and significance, so that you can simply choose the ones you know your loved ones will value. Whether for Eid, Ramadan or another special occasion, we’re taking the hard work out of thoughtful gifting.

Now in 2019, we’re not only one of the UK’s largest purveyors of gifts for Muslims, but a pioneering influence in providing true quality in a market where it’s often been overlooked. As a family run organisation, the care taken in ensuring the excellence of each and every one of our gifts is second to none; we pride ourselves on identifying with our customers and holding dear the same values as you do. Pride in the overall experience of practicing sunnah, of implementing the teachings of the Prophet, and giving others the ability to do so too.

We’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of achieving our vision; we’re always expanding our range and continuously growing as a business. You can keep up to date through our newsletter, where you’ll receive offers and news regarding MBCO or through any of our social media platforms, where we are actively posting and engaging with customers.