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Thoughtful DIY Gift Ideas

“For, those of you who believe and spend in charity – for them is a great reward.”

When a store-bought gift just isn’t going to cut it, here are some crafty gift ideas for the special people in your life which go beyond a last-minute dash to the shops…

Words speak louder than actions…

Going against the age old saying – show you care by creating a beautiful word print. Get thinking about words which would resonate with your loved one; you could use a particular Hadith you know they enjoy, a line from the Quran which you know gives them strength, or even a motivational quote or phrase... Put it down on paper using a real ink pen or paint and get it in a frame – it doesn’t need to be fancy, but it certainly doesn’t get much more personal than that.

Did someone say… Games night?

An idea the team and I here LOVED, is creating a completely bespoke game – make it a turn-based card game using locations, ideas or people close to their heart… It could be related to where you and your zawj/zawjah shared your first kiss or where you became married; it could be the location of an amazing day out you and your best friend shared, the first holiday you went on together or even just the streets where you/they grew up. You could even write a trivia game based on all of the above – how well do they know you, and you them?!

This idea really shows that you know them beyond going to the shop and buying them a brand name t-shirt or their fave pair of kicks… Only a true friend would be able to pull this off!

Ready. Steady. Bake!

For hundreds of years now, people have been showing they care through baked goods – make it really personal by baking to their taste completely and decorate it just so, too; get creative and use icing to write their name, make crescent shaped cookies or sculpt lanterns, sheep or camels using fondant. From banana bread to jam tarts and date squares to delicate cupcakes, baking can be tailored and tweaked – whether they’re gluten free, have an allergy to something or other, or you just know that they cannot get enough of chocolate, it’s a labour of love which they’re sure to appreciate. Don’t worry if the decorating isn’t quite professional – the effort is enough!

Do you remember when…

We all love to reminisce – it’s a scientifically proven fact that the memories of positive experiences bring us more joy over extended periods of time than material items do. So, combine the two – give your loved one a framed photo, or even full collage, from times you’ve shared together. Take this a step further by creating a scrap book with the timeline of your relationship – but remember to leave plenty of space for future memories!

The gift that keeps on giving!

Sometimes, you just need a pick me up every now and then – so why wouldn’t the same be said for your loved ones? Find a mason jar or something similar, grab a pen and some paper, and simply fill the thing up with… Well, anything you like. It could be the things you love most about your other half, motivational quotes, Hadiths to live by or even jokes; the possibilities are endless, as is the joy this gift will bring to whosoever receives it.


It can often be hard to know what to buy for those you love – especially if you’re short on time or aren’t feeling particularly crafty. MBCO was established with the goal of taking the hard work out of thoughtful gifting; we’re proud of our small but special range of thoughtful, halal and high quality gifts, inspired by and for Muslims.

DIY not for you? Shop our range of thoughtful halal gifts here – and show the ones you love, exactly that.

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