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(2023) 5 Ideal Gifts for the Modern Muslim Man

We know the drill...

As we head into Ramadan 2023, it's time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for the Muslim men in your life. Whether it's for Ramadan, Eid celebration, or a simple, thoughtful gesture to show how much you care, finding the right gift can be a challenge. But fear not, we've got you covered here at Muslim Box Co. with a variety of exciting and creative gift ideas that are sure to delight any Muslim man. From stylish and practical accessories to more unique ideas like digital gifts, there are plenty of options to choose from. And with the ease and convenience of online shopping, finding the perfect gift has never been easier. 

Whether for your husband, father, brother, son, Muslim friend or any other Muslim man in your life, spending hours on the internet browsing for something that will really make them feel special and appreciated only to come home with nothing can be frustrating. If you do get something, it's something you're not too proud to give them. Something generic, unsuitable or tasteless.

Now add on top of that the fact that so few brands out there cater to Muslims. If we truly want something special for our loved ones then it has to be specifically for them. We feel special when something is especially made for us. A man wants something for men and yes, a Muslim will feel extra special if their gift is made for Muslims.

With that in mind here are some ideas for you from some great, creative Muslim Gift ideas.

1. The Sunnah Box

Established in 2015 in South-East England, The Sunnah Box is a best selling gift box for Muslim men, inspired by the legacy of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  

The Sunnah Box is beautifully crafted and is designed from the ground up to be a gift for the modern Muslim man. Inside he'll find all he needs to look great , smell great and gather rewards through.

Each set contains: 10ml Beard Oil, 5ml luxury non-alcohol fragrance oil, 20ml black seed oil, 2 premium Miswak Brushes along with custom case, Black Seed Oil and finally the deluxe Sunnah Box branded Wooden box to store all your grooming goodies, which can then be upcycled to store other items, with its removable dividers.

2. Men's jewellery

Foreign Circles set new standards in the Muslim market when it comes to accessories for Muslims. Founded by an enthusiastic British-Algerian entrepreneur with a strong passion for men's jewellery, you'll find the perfect ring gift for the Muslim man in your life on their website.

You can order from Foreign Circles here

3. Subscription

One of the greatest gifts is that of knowledge. Gift someone special a subscription to learn the best of knowledge, knowledge of Allah and His book.

With access to hundreds of hours of explanations of ayat, exploration of themes in the Quran and more, a subscription to Faith Essentials will be sure to satisfy. It could even become a weekly activity that you can do together while gaining immense reward.

Give him access to the best of knowledge here!

Treat someone special to a Sunnah Box by going here.

4. Swimming shorts 

Ok I know, this is quite out there. However, I came across these and just found them so cool! Something Muslim men have had an unaddressed need for for trips to the beach or swimming pool.

Swimming shorts that cover your awrah! They cover from the navel to the knee and aren't too tight without looking weird at all. These shorts come in many great designs and styles.

Although it may not be something we consider to give as a gift, sometimes a man really appreciates functionality. I know I do!

5. A Watch with a twist

A watch is often a go-to gift for a man and for good reason! However, what could make this gift even more special? How about a watch for the modern Muslim man completr with Arabic numbers on the face. Now that's something original that will make him feel like you really bought something especially for him.

Check out the numerous designs here. 

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