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Beard Box | Ultimate Man Box

Beard Box | Ultimate Man Box

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The ULTIMATE when it comes to beard care gifts from MBCO. packed in a handsomely handmade, stylishly rustic wooden storage box!

For all those who love to look good and take great care of their beard, owning beard care tools is ESSENTIAL to their daily life. Beard Box sets you up with high quality tools which would sit elegantly on the shelf of the beard owner.


XL Leader Beard Oil (50ml) - No more running out of beard oil within a few days, with this long lasting 50ml bottle of our 100% natural and halal Leader beard oil, your beard will thank you for taking great care in what you apply to your beard and how often you do it. Our powerful blend of ingredients contained in argan oil and sweet almond oil are a delightful way to treat your beard how it deserves to be treated. 

Leader Beard Balm (30ml) - It wouldn't hurt to go the extra mile with our Leader beard balm, containing the same beneficial ingredients in our Leader beard oil, with the addition of smooth shea butter, delightful cacao butter and natural beeswax. This will help prevent your beard being messy and is a great way to keep the beard hydrated.

Alcohol-free Attar (10ml) - Sourced from the finest suppliers of alcohol-free attar, this is a safe way to apply a lasting aroma to your beard. You can rest assured that your beard can smell nice without having to worry about harmful chemicals being applied to your beard, contained in other products.

Folding Comb - This premium comb provides your beard and hair with a pleasant brushing experience.

Japanese Steel Grooming Scissors - Made with real Japanese steel, these professional grooming scissors will be a long lasting tool in your man cabinet and a fine addition to your grooming life. Very sharp and effective and a pleasure to work with.

Rustic Storage Box - All stored in a rustic storage box. With the respectable size of this thing, it can become your primary storage place for all your grooming goodies.

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