My Prophet Box | Children's Gift Box

The Perfect Gift for little ones! 

My Prophet Box is the ideal introduction for the little ones to the stories, morals and manners of the best of people, the Prophets! Wonderfully packaged in a premium, magnetic box and a lovely ribbon tie. This gift is sure to let her know that you care.

Bursting with toys, custom made games and educational books to read alone with, My Prophet Box will excite both parents and children. The gift box contains:

  • Baby pink/baby blue keepsake box (includes ribbon and tissue paper)
  • Pink/blue themed name label sticker
  • Deluxe custom designed activity pack (2 X colouring in activities, 1 X prophets crossword, 1 X maze activity, 1 X sheep bookmark activity (includes coloured lollipop stick and adhesive sticky pads)
  • Six mini colouring pencils for activity pack
  • The Prophets in the Quran Poster - 25 prophets mentioned (A3 size)
  • Plush Camel soft toy (32cm long)
  • 4 exciting Prophet story books: the story of prophet Muhammad in Mecca, the story of prophet Muhammad in MADINA, the story of prophet Adam, the story of prophet Ibrahim
  • Drawstring Backpack: Natural Cotton (Ethically Sourced) Drawstring Backpack size: 38cm x 42cm

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