The Perfect Gift

Asalaamu ‘alaikum! Welcome to Muslim Box Co.

We are a Muslim gift box company who specialise in providing you with the perfect gift to give to your friends and loved ones. So if you’re still wondering how to make your friends and loved ones feel special, look no further. We love providing outstanding customer service to all our guests so if you have any problems with your order, have questions, or just want a chat, get in touch! For more details, visit our about us page. Keep smiling and enjoy the rest of your day (or evening) ! 












 "This is an awesome gift box! The essential things from the Sunnah that we very often neglect like miswak being all present in one box is extremely convenient alhamdulillah. Not only that, but the attention to detail is amazing! The way it's been packaged and all the other little things make it an awesome gift to give and receive"

- Da'wah Man

 "Seeing my fathers face when opening the box showed how much he loved it! Great idea!"

- Muhammad A.

 "Masha'allah I am so impressed with this! It is really well made and wonderful to give as a gift - in particular the beard oil which makes my beard silky smooth!"

- Abu M.

 "This was the perfect gift for my dad as not only did my dad gain reward of abiding my the sunnah of the proper (SAW) but I also gained reward too. This is the perfect travel friendly box that consists of many great products."

- Alisha

 "Everything is neat and tidy. Awesome presentation and packaging."

- Muhd H.

 "Absolutely loved getting my hands on the Sunnah Box, which had everything I needed to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ living in a town where not much of this stuff is easily found. The perfume and beard oil were amazing, which is often rare in packages like these, but it's clear the guys at Muslim Box Co know their stuff! A testament to the blessing of this product was the countless uses I found for the Sunnah Box even after I had used up all the perfumes and oils. Currently using it as storage for my little islamic bits and bobs. It's definitely a superb package, and makes a great gift to a close friend or loved one, whilst reviving forgotten Sunnahs at the same time!"

- Akhitweet